Verge Financials is a Cloud Based Financial Management Software.

Verge Financials records and processes accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and trial balance, thus functioning as finance/accounting information system.

Verge Financials Key Features

Cloud Based Accounting

Verge Financials is a Cloud Based Financial Software that can be accessed anytime from anywhere on any device, laptop, desktop, tablet or a mobile.

User Friendly Software

Verge Financials is an extremely user-friendly Accounting Software. No need to send your accounts team on days-long software training sessions.

Powerful Reporting

Verge Financials contains comprehensive Reporting with Graphs to give a completely new meaning to your Financials.

Advantages of Verge Financials

Control & Oversight

VF creates control and security on financial information and data through built-in security and management controls

Accounting Benefits

Reporting for accounting reporting cycles such as month-end, and quarter-end requirements are simpler with VF


Routine reports & ad-hoc reporting are streamlined with VF. The ease of data access & reliability is systematically increased

Audit Compliance

Verge Financials can help in maintaining the compliance of the auditors both internal and


Executives benefit from VF through increased reliability in data, faster reporting, and decreased possibility of fraudulent

Verge Financials Features

  • Easily accessible from everywhere
  • No downloading / installation needed
  • Ready to use on any computer
  • Centralized Online Database
  • Interactive On-the-Fly Reporting
  • Double entry accounting system
  • Flexible chart of accounts
  • Branch wise accounting
  • Detailed in-depth financial analysis
  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • Single entry will auto post to Ledgers
  • Transactions, Financial Reports, Graphs
  • Auto data backups
  • Minimize data loos
  • Keep track of every user action


Verge Financials is a Financial Management Software for managing Accounts and Finance of a small, medium or large organization.

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